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Re: [IP] Swimming with the pump

Where do you actually put the pump?

On any garment that has a pocket, you put it in your pocket.  Many men's
bathing suits do, but this doesn't work for a girl.  So, I get swimsuit
lining material (stretchy lycra that is resistant to chlorine and salt) at a
fabric store.  Cut a piece of it 10 inches long by 4.5 inches wide.  Fold it
almost in half, leaving about an inch sticking out of the top of one end.
Sew up the side seams.  Attach the inch of material that is above the pocket
to the inside of the waistband, or for women, the underarm seam of the swim
suit.  Since it's lycra, it "gives" with swimming and movement.  Since you
only attach the top of the pocket to a seam, it doesn't show on the outside
of the suit.  And since the only sewing involved is 3 small, straight lines,
anyone can do it.  The other option is to use one of the elastic bands that
come with the pump, and a pump case, or a waist it from Unique.

Happy swimming.

Nancy Morgan

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