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[IP] Re: overhaul Century with Diabetes 1

I am happy to announce that I have had DM1 for 50 years and no
complications.  I am elated.  Joslin Diabetes Center sent me a bronze
medal and a certificate honoring me for conscientiously living with a
difficult disease for so many years.   It was great getting these even
though I had to apply for them and send original copies of the diagnosis,
letters from relatives who were alive when I was diagnosed, etc.  
I was 6 3/4 years old.  I read the hospital records of care that the
doctor ordered.  he did a great job and really not much different than
now.  Had the dietitian prescribe a diet.  It was about 40% CHO, 30% Pro
and 30% Fat.  He had me on a long acting insulin and regular  for sliding
scale.  I was sent home on only the long acting insulin.  I think that
was interesting.  When I interned at UC Med Center in San Francisco,  I
noticed that Dr. Olney and Dr. Peter Forscham put the kids on R and N. 
So I put myself on R plus the N
My Mom really emphasized exercise and followed the diet, although i
cheated a lot as a kid and teenager.  however, she did make me walk to
and from school all through elementary, junior high and high school.  I
actually lived about a mile from each school.
Anyway very interesting and I never thought I would live beyond 35 years
and in 4 days I will be 57.  Just worked out at the gym and think I will
celebrate by buying myself a laptop computer for my work.  (my title is
MS, RD, CDE).    if you want to congratulate me, feel free to do so.   
tee hee.    gudo hallstone     (email @ redacted)
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