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Re: [IP] Insurance Problems

>where do you find a pump trainer...

Hi Fran,
When I considered going on the pump, my physician sent me to an endo who 
requested I come in for a pre-pump evaluation.  This entailed a discussion of 
why I was interested in a pump; pros/cons of a pump; amount of bg testing I 
was doing ; number of shots a day and to introduce me to the two types of 
pumps available.  The endo felt I could benefit from an insulin pump.  In 
order to make things smoother once I was approved, the endo had me work with 
a dietician to learn carb counting and teach me how to better use analyze bgs 
 and the relationship to insulin ,food and exercise.  Call the CDE back and 
find out what pre -pump training involves.  You may be able to see another 
part of the diabetes team to help get things going or see an edo directly to 
get the insurance approval in the meantime.
good luck
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