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Re: [IP] Insurance Problems - why saline

why saline....
hi Kelly and Leann,
 I am starting pump training next week and will be following the same 
protocol for pump start as kelly's son did.  I will have a week on saline for 
the same reasons as steven, then start using insulin. A week after that I 
will have a 3rd visit to sort out any day to day issues and following up .  
Then two weeks after that I have an appointment with the endo to see how 
things are going.  In between all of this I will be seeing the dietician to 
fine tune carb counting /insulin ratios.  I'm impatient to be pumping, but I 
think this kind of training will be good in the long run.  I am curious, what 
are other people's experiences with pump starts?

Soon to be pumping
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