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[IP] Disetronic battery tips

Re: The recent thread on Disetronic batteries, here are some ideas:

1)  Check the expiration date on the battery. The "expiration date" is
stamped on the side of the metal case. Examples include: OCT00R (October
2000); FEB01R (February 2001). I just used a battery stamped JAN99R, and it
lasted little more than two weeks. Another replacement coded FEB99R lasted
an equally short length of time. Not a problem, since I knew each battery
had passed it's expiration date 3 and 4 months earlier - I was ready when
they alarmed.

2)  Rotate your spare batteries. I keep extra batteries stashed in my desk
at work, and with my pump supply travel kit. Every time I get a new pack of
batteries, I check the ones I've stashed, rotate them into my pump as
appropriate, then replace them with some of the newest ones.

3)  You can check whether a battery has truly depleted by switching it into
the other battery chamber in the pump. For example, if you get an 03 error
(battery in compartment 03 is kaput), remove it, swap it into the 02
battery chamber. If you then get an 02 error, you know the battery you just
put in there (the "suspect" one from the 03 compartment) is history.
Definitely time to replace the battery.

4)  The 03 battery controls the pump electronics - the display, both
microprocessors, etc. The 02 battery controls the motor itself. Intuition
says that the 02 battery (motor) will deplete first, but I've never found
that to be true. I tend to use low basals most of the time, don't take very
large boluses, with an average daily total usage of about 26 - 30 units.

I figure my pump(s) electronics get more of a workout since I use temp
basal rates frequently. I run through about twice as many batteries in the
03 chamber as I do in the 02 chamber. (For the MiniMed pumpers who are
wondering what I'm talking about, there are two battery chambers on the
Disetronic pumps, one numbered 03, the other numbered 02. There is no
difference in the battery that goes in each chamber - they just control
different things). My 03 batteries last about 2 months, my 02 batteries
last about 4 months. This 2 month life expectancy is pretty close to what I
got on my MiniMed 506, so I'm comfortable with it.

Remember - YBLMV - Your Battery Life May Vary <g>

Bob Burnett

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