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Re: [IP] Auto trip/Altitude=question

>I will be taking a trip from Northern California to Reno, Nevada in
>early June.  I live at 162' altitude and the drive will take me up and
>over Donner Summit which is some 7,000+ altitude.

The one thing you should watch out for is a need to lower your basal rate.
Not because of the change in air pressure affecting your insulin, but
because of the effect of altitude on you.  At higher altitude, your body
will be expending more energy in order to breathe.  I live at 2500 feet and
have a cabin at 5200 feet.  I can count on needing to lower my basals by a
tenth of a unit at the cabin.  This is even more pronounced in the winter
when I'm working harder to stay warm.  This is a YMMV situation -- it may
not happen to you, but if you find yourself going low, the altitude may be
the reason.

Mary Jean

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