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[IP] scary insurance companies

Just want to share a story, in case anyone is feeling frustrated with insurance
woes.  I noticed a posting today in which someone was encouraging someone else to
have the pump company help them get coverage, and I couldn't agree more!

I switched insurance recently because I quit my job and am paying premiums out of
pocket under COBRA.  I looked very carefully at all the companies available, with
obvious emphasis on coverage of pump supplies.  I called each company and asked
specific questions.  Anyway, I made a decision to go with United Health Care.  A
few months later, I called UHC to ask them about the protocol for ordering pump
supplies.  The woman on the phone said that pump supplies "were probably covered"
but that she didn't know how I should order them.  Excuse me?  I told her I needed
a more definite answer.  She put me on hold, then came back and said that pumps and
pump supplies were not covered by UHC.  Needless to say, I was pretty distressed.
After calling them several times, I managed to get a copy of the policy, which did
not indicate that pump supplies weren't covered.

Anyway, the solution to the problem, once I took action with Minimed, took 2 phone
calls and 2 days.  I called the local rep, who said that UHC has a national account
with Minimed for pump supplies.  She referred me to the national office.  I called
them, gave them the pertinent info, and had an answer the next business day.  The
answer:  Under my plan, UHC covers pump supplies in 3-month shipments at 100%.

I'm not sharing this to complain.  I just think it illustrates that one should
NEVER stop with what the insurance company tells you the first time.  I have gotten
incorrect information and dealt with erroneously unpaid claims too many times to
trust that the people on the phone know what they're talking about.  I'm sure I'll
get blasted by the insurance people on the list, but it has been my experience that
one must push and push in order to get the basic insurance rights one pays for.  It
makes me absolutely crazy to think of all the claims that must have gone unpaid
when they should have been paid, not to mention the health care compromises people
have undoubtedly made!  Minimed has been extremely helpful to me in accessing my
benefits, and I'd encourage others to contact them for assistance.


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