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Re: [IP] meal times

> I definitely am not interested in skipping meals.  I am too hungry
> to do that!  I guess it makes sense to have my basals just right in
> order to eat late. I already know that each meal is has a little
> difference in insulin to carb ratio so I guess I'll have to adjust
> accordingly. 

Your insulin carb ratio should remain relatively static. I know many 
people adjust their ratio to compensate for other metabolic changes 
associated with eating and time of day, but it is a 'mask' on the 
underlying changes that occur. Moving a mealtime around or 
skipping one all together should cause no more problem than the 
differences encountered with the different things you eat every day. 
Lots of folks see a surge of insulin requirement when they eat first 
thing in the morning. It isn't the ratio changing, it is metabolic 
gear shifting caused by waking up+ eating. Usually it's a fixed 
requirement for a specific amount of insulin + meal bolus. This is 
complicated to figure out and easier for most people to just change 
the ratio. Once you have your fasting basal rates well established 
(and periodically re-tested) you should be able to eat pretty much 
when and what you want. 
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