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Re: [IP] jabbing and Silhouettes

    Just adding my 2 cents to this continuing thread, on behalf of my 16 year 
old pumper daughter. She too was never a "jabber", but nonetheless manages to 
slide the Silhouette in with no difficulty. We attended a JDF seminar this 
weekend & happened to speak to a young woman who was having awful problems 
with her Sofsets ( no delivery alarms, itching, pain, sites coming out, etc) 
but refused to try the Silhouettes because the one time she did try, the 
entire set came out during the night & her bgs shot up to 900 & she had to go 
to the hospital!!! We tried to convince her that was an aberration & that all 
of the problems she's encountering with the Sofsets were ones Melissa had 
also faced UNTIL she switched to the Silhouettes. Too many IP members have 
raved about the difference NOT to give it another try. Good luck!

Regards, Renee
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