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Re: [IP] Insurance Problems

On 11 May 99 at 10:19, Al & Mary Rebholz wrote:

> Our insurance (Tricare/Champus) is still refusing to pay for Kelly's
> pump training/ start-up costs.  They say education should come with the
> pump.  Disetronic is more than happy to train me on the pump, though I
> believe I  have it all figured out by now regardless, but the endo and
> CDE want us to go to the only ADA approved pump-start-up treatment
> center in the area for at least an 8 hour initial start up day.

Sounds like another CDE/endo that has a stake in a "start-up" center... around 
here the pump reps are the primary trainers and each of them has a CDE is on 
call for questions.  Their current practice is a one hour training session, 
start live on Humalog or whatever you're using,  and then phone consultations 
for as long as necessary...  It seems to work and most of us who have been 
through this "quick start" training have had less problems during startup.  
Either they've got a good handle on initial estimates for basal rates and bolus 
ratios or something about the fact that you can get either of them on the phone 
at any time day or night for questions helps...  

Randall P. Winchester
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