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Re: [IP] meal times

I definitely am not interested in skipping meals.  I am too hungry to do
that!  I guess it makes sense to have my basals just right in order to eat
late. I already know that each meal is has a little difference in insulin
to carb ratio so I guess I'll have to adjust accordingly.

>Tara,  I have had DM for 39 years and it took me a year on the pump before I
>skipped a meal.  I was so happy when I did.  I felt free.  I just had to get
>out of that habit. Now, I eat when I want to.  Your basals have to be right.
>Being pregnant, your body is always changing so it makes sense that your
>basals could need adjustment often.  However, since you are pregnant, you
>don't need to be skipping any meals.  My experience with pregnancy(pre-pump)
>was that the last 3 months were easier.  Good luck.  ellen
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