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Re: [IP] RE: Pumper pen-pals around 10yo

Hi Leann,
My name is Karen, and my son Daniel, who will be 10 in September, will be 
going on the pump early this fall. (probably October). Maybe we can hook the 
2 of them up. My son is
also interested in trying to learn to snowboard, but the past 2 winters it 
hasn't worked out.
He has stuck to skiing. He is into baseball,skiing, any water sport, and 
abusing his little brother.  Right now he is outside jumping on the 
trampoline, trying to bring his sugar down
so he can have the kind of snack he wants. Can't wait until he's on the pump, 
and no longer has to do that. He's had diabetes for 3 years, 5-9 was his 
Anyway, you can e-mail me, and we can work out something for the kids.
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