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Re: [IP] More questions


>2)    Yesterday I attempted to give 
>myself 4 units before lunch, got the no delivery message, straightened 
>things out, went to rebolus and the bolus screen said last dose was 
>1.8 units, or almost half of the 4 units i's set out to administer.  
>Did I really get those 1.8 units.  Should I then bolus the remaining 
>2.2 units.  Or did it just take 1.8 units to create enough pressure 
>and I really didn't get anything and should go again for the whole 4.  
>Any thoughts?

I'm a veteran of No-Delivery alarms.  Yes, you probably did get the 1.8
units. I've often come out OK by bolusing the remainder.  I seem to have
more problems with ND alarms if I make the tubing go through tight bends.
I've gotten in the habit of pulling it most of the way out when I do a
bolus.  Like you mentioned, it seems to work better if the tubing is straight.

Mary Jean
MM507, 2+ years

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