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[IP] Swimming

Some people seem to be concerned about being disconnected. I've never stayed 
connected for swimming
or water activities and that is the one kind of exercise that I generally run 
low but almost never
high during.  I can't imagine wanting to drag the pump in a swim suit through 
the water (although
boating wouldn't be bad), but then I am somewhat small in size so what do I 
know.  If you leave
your basal running you have to eat extra carbs which basically means you gain 
instead of loosing
(or at least stay the same) weight from exercise.
My team and I have discussed it and we don't see any way around it I will 
have to wear it, so I hope I can get the case to work.  I have a pool in my 
backyard and have three children who love to spend all day in it.  Being 7, 
3, and 2, two of them are not good swimmers yet and one cannot swim at all.  
Basically my being in the pool will not be a form of exercise but basically 
watching and teaching my children how to swim.  I never ran low last yr. on 
MDI.  So if I cant wear the pump I will have to take injections.  Anyone else 
had to deal with this type of situation?

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