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[IP] Starting the pump on your own

A little while ago we talked about this and I just wanted to share my 
experience of pumping now for two weeks.

The day I started we started with the following basal rates (acquired by the 
methods used in John Walsh's Book Pumping Insulin):
12 M - 3AM   1.1
3AM - 6:30AM  1.2
6:30AM - 12M  1.1

carb ratio   8gms/1 unit  this is all using Regular insulin

This is what I am doing today:
12M - 3AM  1.1
3AM - 6:30AM 1.5
6:30AM- 12PM  1.1
12PM - 4PM 1.2                    With a carb ratio of 10gms/1 unit

My point is that the first two days were very rough from constant lows and 
highs.  I am so glad, especially because I have a terrific team that I didn't 
do this on my own.  With all the changes we have made I wouldn't have known 
where to begin.  I guess I learned, most importantly, that I am not the 
typical pumper and that the guidance that I have been given has been 

dx 1982 at age 16
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