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Re: [IP] Insurance Problems

In a message dated 5/11/99 1:22:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< How accurate can the basals be set anyway, if she's sitting around a
 hospital room?  Has anyone else had a similar problem?
Dear Mary,

		I can just imagine your frustration!!  My son (8yrs old) 
Steven just started pumping last week and we had no where NEAR what your 
doctor wants you to do!  We went for one session which lasted about an hour 
to learn about the mechanics of the pump and operational information and that 
lasted about an hour.  The following week we went back for another visit 
which also lasted about an hour where we hooked him up with saline and did 
our first site insertion and went home with the saline for a week.  In that 
time we had 3 site changes and got a chance to "play around" with it some 
more while on the saline so mistakes didn't matter.....sort of a "dry run", 
and the following week, we went back talked about how it was that week, put 
him on insulin and that was it!  We were also out in an hour that time.  We 
did a phone check in with the trainer the next day and a few times since to 
adjust basals etc.  It was a lot easier than I anticipated it to be.  I would 
definitely NOT return the pump over something like this!!  I hope things work 
out for you.....it must be heartbreaking in your situation.

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