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Re: [IP] jabbing and Silhouettes

At 08:39 AM 5/11/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >I am not a jabber either.  I have used the softsets but now now use the sils
 >and love them.  I poke around gently for a "good" spot (did the same thing
 >with injections) and then just push and it glides in.  You really do not 
 >any pain so it wouldn't matter if the needle was 1/4" or 10" (except for the
 >psychological factor).

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a gentle needle poker. I do a test poke 
first, if it feels OK, then I gradually push it in. Usually, no pain after 
the initial discomfort. If it hurts, initially or while being inserted, I 
pull it out and try a slightly different location or direction. In my 
experience, any site that hurts, doesn't last as long.

In fact, I just had one that was painful when I installed it and I decided 
to do the macho thing and ignore it. Wrong!!! I changed sets a day early 
this Sunday because it was so uncomfortable. The site was very red and 
tender. (I swabbed it good with antiseptics and it's getting much better). 
The bottom line is that if the site is uncomfortable, your body is sending 
you a message that it is unhappy. Using these sets is invasive enough as it 
is, why make it worse.


P.S. I remember that when I was first on MDI, I had a nurse watch me give 
an injection... she was very unhappy that I didn't just jab it in (I wasn't 
doing it "right", according to her). I wonder how many of these nurses have 
tried to give themselves injections? As we all know, it's not as easy as it 
looks. I've always poked gently and never seen any difference.  :-)

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