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[IP] Insurance Problems

Our insurance (Tricare/Champus) is still refusing to pay for Kelly's
pump training/ start-up costs.  They say education should come with the
pump.  Disetronic is more than happy to train me on the pump, though I
believe I  have it all figured out by now regardless, but the endo and
CDE want us to go to the only ADA approved pump-start-up treatment
center in the area for at least an 8 hour initial start up day.  The CDE
is going to try one more time to get the insurance to approve it, but if
not, she said I should return the pump.  Well, I have no intention of
returning the pump, even if I have to hook Kelly up myself.  If I HAD
to, we could pay for it ourselves, but I would really rather not spend
such a great deal of money sitting around being taught about carbo
counting, and waiting to see how Kelly reacts to the initial basals.
How accurate can the basals be set anyway, if she's sitting around a
hospital room?  Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Mary, Kelly's very frustrated Mom

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