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Re: [IP] Batteries

I am amazed about the battery problem.  I also have a disetronic pump and my 
batteries last longer than anyone on this list, I think.  I can go 3 or 4 or 
5 months before I change a battery.  I can't even remember the last time I 
changed the motor battery, maybe 7 months ago.  I change the electronic 
battery more often.  There is either something wrong with your batteries OR 
you must be pushing those buttons constantly.  Does anyone else get the 
longevity I get with my batteries?  Just curious.  Anyway, I have one of the 
older pumps (not the Plus).  Maybe it is just the simpler the machine, the 
less battery changes needed.  I'm happy with my D.  It just keeps on pumping 
and my battery pack (10) lasts for years.  ellen
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