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[IP] More questions

A couple more questions for my fellow travelers.....

1)  Since starting on the pump last November, I've noticed that I get 
a constant slight muscle twitching sensation in my legs and feet, 
almost like I'm warming up for a cramp.  I occasionally got leg cramps 
after serious lows (in the 30's) but thankfully have only gotten a few 
sugars that low since going on the pump (and even at 30 they're not a 
severe feeling as they were).  Does anyone else have the same leg 
twitching sensation?  Any explanation?  I'll ask my doc when I go see 
him in a few weeks.

2)  I seem to get a no delivery message once a week +/-.  Typically, 
if I stretch out the tubing and check the connection everything seems 
to clear up and my next attempt at delivery is normal.  Let me state 
my question by the following example:  Yesterday I attempted to give 
myself 4 units before lunch, got the no delivery message, straightened 
things out, went to rebolus and the bolus screen said last dose was 
1.8 units, or almost half of the 4 units i's set out to administer.  
Did I really get those 1.8 units.  Should I then bolus the remaining 
2.2 units.  Or did it just take 1.8 units to create enough pressure 
and I really didn't get anything and should go again for the whole 4.  
Any thoughts?

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's comments so far.  To all you 
silhoutte fearers... think of all the needles we've seen between 
injections, blood drawings, IVs, etc.  That needle is long but if you 
just relax it goes in quite easily (and there's not a lot of extra 
padding on me)  and you have much better control of the experience 
than if you use that awful softset zapper.  I couldn't get myself to 
push the button...


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