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Re: [IP] RE: Pumper pen-pals around 10yo

> My son Alex will be 10 in June and will start pumping
> in August.  He would like to know if anyone who has a
> pump or who is interested in a pump would like to
> email him.  Can't promise any stimulating dialect but
> he is a great kid.  His interests include: 
> basketball, baseball, playstation, roller-blading and
> he would like to learn how to snowboard.  If you send
> at least the first email to me(just mom keeping tabs),
> I will forward it to his email.   email @ redacted

There are quite a few kids on the Young-IPrs list now and the chit 
chat has picked up in recent weeks, probably because there are 3 - 4 
kids who just got their pumps. Most are young teens or middle school 
kids. Subscribe him to that list, I'm sure he'll get good vibes.

email @ redacted
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