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[IP] jabbing and Silhouettes

> Ha-ha.  I am
> still using SofSets with the SofSerter because I can't bring myself to try a
> Silhouette.  Afraid of crimping the cannula and having to try again and again
> to get it in.

> Does this mean that you don't have to use the "jabbing" method that you were
> supposed to use with the SofSets?  I was using Rapids until MM came out with
> the SofSerter because I just couldn't "jab".  Sure glad I didn't want to be a
> boxer!


I am no jabber either, and never was with those measley little B-D needles.  If
possible, I "screw" the needle in bit by bit, which I know is the most painful way
to do it.  Psychologically, I just can't do it like a dart. . .

I felt the same way about the Silhouettes, but tried a sample one I had the other
day.  I am totally impressed!  Yes, the insertion was a little more involved than
with the sofserter, but well worth it for the comfort, the great tape, and the cool
disconnect device.  The tape on the sofsets never lasts more than 2 days for me, and
with the Silhouette, I haven't had to change it in 3 days!  I'd encourage you to
give them a try.

> Subject: Re: [IP] How Long Batteries last after LOW Warning

> I have heard the "LO Batt" alarm beep in the middle of the night, been too lazy to
> get up (yikes!), and
> wake 8 hours later to change the batteries.

My God, how long do you sleep?! ;-)

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