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Re: [IP] Allergy?

Was he tested for phenol? Humulog has phenol in it and I am allergic to
People can be allergic to insulin.
Ask your doc to test for phenol just in case.
was he tested for any food allergies?
Hope his hives go away and he feels better soon.
I am allergic to many preservatives in things..along with certain dyes such
as red and yellow. Was he tested for these too?

At 07:24 AM 5/11/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Speaking of allergies.  I just want to put this question out there
>to you experts.  Our son Justin has been pumping for 2.5 years.  At
>that time he started Humulog and the Disetronic pump.  That was 
>November '96.  Prior to that he was on R and N for 8 years.
>In May of '97 until the present he has had breakouts of hives from 
>time to time.  Both the dermatologist and allergist say that most of
>the time the reason why is never found and they run their course,  
>sometimes taking 1.5 - 2 years to pass.  Well it's been 2 years and
>it pretty miserable for him and we're tired of keeping him on the
>medications for it.
>Has anyone out there heard of this kind of allergic reaction related
>at all to pumping or the Humulog?  I know this is a reach but I try
>everything possible.  He's already had all kinds of food and environmental
>testing.  He was also tested for latex allergies.  
>It was 6 months after starting the Humulog and pump before any sign
>of the hives but we're looking for any possibilities.

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