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> Even though I have been pumping only for 5 days, I'm also us
> SofSets. I had been on MDI for 27 years and I don't think I 
can do a
> Silhouette!! Maybe after a months or years I'll try them!!

When I got my pump I started experimenting while waiting for my
official start. I didn't have a Sofserter but I had some smples of
both Sofsets and Silhouettes. First thing I did was insert a Sofset by
hand. No problem. Then a Sil. No problem. When I started up
officially, the nurse handed me the Sofserter. Now that thing looked
scary. I was much more scared of using that than dong it by hand! I
still prefer inserting the Sils to the Sofsets for that very reason.

Then again, I've been known to use a safety pin to prick my finger
when I've forgotten my lancet device :-)

Seriously thuogh, just try it or you'll never know what you might be
missing out on! I really don't feel anything at all with the Sils if I do it right.


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