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Re: [IP] site changes

>Does this mean that you don't have to use the "jabbing" method that you were 
>supposed to use with the SofSets?  I was using Rapids until MM came out with 
>the SofSerter because I just couldn't "jab".  Sure glad I didn't want to
be a 

LOL!!  Are you referring to the method shown on the MM video for the
sof-sets??  I literally flinched when I watched that!  It made me have
serious doubts about becoming a pumper. And even though I knew the
"approved" method, I never was able to jab myself with the sof-set like
that.  I've always been a "slow-poke", even with injections.  

No, with the sils, I just clean a large area so I have room to move around
till I find a good spot.  I prod with the needle, and if it hurts, I move
about a quarter inch and try again.  When I find a pain free area, I just
gently ease the needle in.  No jabbing required!

Mary Jean

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