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Re: [IP] site changes

email @ redacted wrote:

> <With all that practice, you'd think that I'd be used to it.  Ha-ha.  I am
> still using SofSets with the SofSerter because I can't bring myself to try a
> Silhouette.  Afraid of crimping the cannula and having to try again and again
> to get it in.

OK, but Silhouettes are harder to crimp than SofSets are. Thing is the outside of

the Teflon is a slightly smaller diameter and the wall is the same thickness,
which makes them
less likely to get crimped. As a matter f fact I gave up on SofSets as soon as I
found Comforts
(aka Silhouettes), and haven't crimped enough of them to matter. The SofSets got
frequently, particularly when I moved around......

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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