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RE: [IP] MM batteries

It has to do with the type of battery.  I think you need the "silver oxide",
not alkaline or anything.  Please correct me if I got this wrong (by

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Subject: [IP] MM batteries

During the 3 months I am on the pump I had to change bateries every week!!!
The MM rep said I might have used the wrong kind, so I made sure to check
that I get the 357/ LR44 (although it sais SR44 on the back of the pump -
the salespeople said this brand does not exist). Later she gave me official
MM batteries that lasted a bit more than a month (which means the pump is
ok) . I bought the exect same kind - but I was low bat again after a week. I
bought my batteries in different stores - so it is not that either. The MM
rep suggested I would buy batteries from the compeny, but that would make
the whole "batteries avialable anywhere" advantage somewhat less of an
Did anyone else have the same problem with batteries? 
IDDM 19.5 years
pumping MM for 3 months
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