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Re: [IP] site changes

>With all that practice, you'd think that I'd be used to it.  Ha-ha.  I am 
>still using SofSets with the SofSerter because I can't bring myself to try a 
>Silhouette.  Afraid of crimping the cannula and having to try again and
>to get it in.   


I used to use Sof-sets, and had many more crimping problems with them than
the Sils.  In fact, in the 18 months I've been using sils, I don't think it
has ever crimped.  I think the cannula is a bit sturdier than the sof-sets;
it appears to be made of a different material, it's clear instead of white.
 If you use a shallow angle, and tread carefully until you've located a
spot with no nerve endings, the sils slide right in.

Mary Jean

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