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Re: [IP] site changes

<< > Tell me there is a learning curve
 > and you've all been thru this! Right??? >>

After reading the response to this I started thinking (uh-oh, dangerous!) 

It pretty hard to come up with an accurate figure, but as close as I can 
calculate, I have done almost 1800 set changes (on myself).  I still consider 
myself to be in a learning stage.

With all that practice, you'd think that I'd be used to it.  Ha-ha.  I am 
still using SofSets with the SofSerter because I can't bring myself to try a 
Silhouette.  Afraid of crimping the cannula and having to try again and again 
to get it in.   

I gave away my first box of Silhouttes because I was too chicken to try them. 
 I think I will order some next time I place an order since there are so many 
volunteers to help with insertion!  


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