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[IP] off-topic postings and new sport guard case

> Subject: [IP] Dayton Area Insulin Pump Support Group Meeting

Don't know how the rest of you feel, but I would prefer NOT to receive postings of
local support group meetings through the list.  Given the number of people here
from all over, that kind of thing is irrelevant to all but a few from that local
area.  As an alternative, I'd suggest that anyone who wants to spread the word
about local support should post ONE message asking for interested parties to
contact him/her off the list.  Then create a list of just those people and send the
info out to them.  Thanks.

> From: "Jeff Dempsey" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] New sport guard case.....
> I went to a water park here in Orlando today, but I didn't have a sport
> guard case.  So, being the fearless engineer I am (you should have seen me
> on the 8 story drop waterslide, the Stuka), I designed and built my own!

Thanks for the highly amusing story of your innovative and dirt cheap new pump

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