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[IP] Re:age protocol for pump

> Subject: Re:[IP] Age protocall for pump
> Personally, I think the younger the better to put kids on a pump.
> Sue

Interesting that this thread developed when it did.  This weekend, I finally met a
friend of my mom's who I've been communicating with online and by phone.  Her
5-year-old son was diagnosed w/diabetes @ age 3 1/2.  He is doing pretty well after
some very scary lows early on.  He's currently on MDI and tests (with help) 4 times
a day.  His parents want to at least consider pump therapy, but most endos won't
consider it for a child that young.  I know there are parents of very young pumpers
here.  Could some of you e-mail me off the list about your experiences?  I'd like
to be able to pass them on to Susan (the mom).

Thanks for your help!


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