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[IP] Re: Site Changes

on Sun, 9 May 1999 22:31:43 EDT
Robin, email @ redacted wrote about
[IP] site changes

>I need help. Can one of you experienced people come to my house and put in
>sons TENDER please?

Where do you live?  Hopefully in Italy?  B.C.? NYC?  Chicago?  Catalina?
America On Line IS all over Europe and Canada, right?

(snip)  But back to business,

>We put the Emla cream on (at his request he didn't want ice) and inserted
>in painless.

Emla may mask a bad insert.  If it's possible, avoid it.  Correctly done, a
tender insert can be next to painless.

>I went to insert a new on -on the other side and it went in too
>shallow...sheesh.....had to do it again.

How do you know your insert was excessively shallow?  Did the tip pierce the
skin like you might want when using a safety pin?  That would fit my
definition of excessively shallow.

Tenders can be inserted real shallow.  How shallow?

After I insert a tender, I can definitely feel the needle when I draw my
finger over the skin above.  Insert at about ten degrees or 1/2 to 1/3 of
one of these "<".  Just under the skin.  At this level, there's seldom
blood, no pain.  Another pumper is advising 45 degrees.  It's too deep.
Ignore that advice.

>I know there is a learning curve to this. Kevin (snip) is sticking
>with the TENDERS for now.   Tell me there is a learning curve and you've
>been thru this! Right???

Absolutely, it does get easier and faster with experience.

Shave the hair, scrub with surgical cleanser, wipe with IV-Prep.  Wait for
drying.  Stretch skin taut (don't pinch) find a pore and/or insert at hair
follicle.  Push into the skin to the hilt of the needle.  It should go
completely painless when you withdraw the needle.

The infusion site starts itching after a couple of days.  If it's itching
outside the patch, you can treat it with some topical cortisone cream.
Replace the tender when the itching gets unbearable and/or you can see red
through the clear plastic viewer.

Richard, veteran of 150 site changes, D-pumper since 11/97
email @ redacted

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