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Re: [IP] site changes

At 08:29 PM 5/9/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >hey no problem, where do you live send me a ticket and I will be on my way.
 >Serioously though, try the cream, be sure you are at least 1 inch from the
 >previous site and put it in at a 45 degree angle. If it hurts later don't
 >worry unless it turns red, then call your cde or dr.

I think that most of the people on this list have found that 45 degrees is 
too steep of an angle for the Tender/Silhouette/Comfort sets. You don't 
want to hit the muscle layer or crimp the cannula. Somewhere between 15 and 
30 degrees seem to be pretty common... some people use even less. Once you 
find the proper angle that works for you, stick with it... this is a YMMV 
situation for sure.

When I insert the set, I actually want to be able to feel the pain... not 
that I'm a masochist, but because pain is a signal that something is not 
right. If it hurts, I take it out and try it in a slightly different spot. 
Most of the time, once I get past the outer layer, I feel virtually nothing.


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