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[IP] Any Pumpers on Metformin?

Any experiences out there?

Hi gang.....Havent been here in a couple of months, pumping w/ my
Disetronic is about as good as it gets!  No problems whatsoever...Shots
suck! Will NEVER go back!

Since starting pumping in January, ive been able to shed 20 lbs, which
is great, but i havent made any progess beyond that since (2+ months
ago).  Endo said back then that if i do hit such a wall, i might
consider taking Glucophage in order to reduce my daily insulin
requirements and thus kick start the weight loss again.  Would love to
hear about dosage, onset, predictability of post prandial readings, etc.


Pumping is great...I love it...still looking to lose another 20-30 lbs!

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