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Re: [IP] site changes

email @ redacted wrote:
> Tell me there is a learning curve and you've all
> been thru this! Right???

YES!!!!!  There is definitely a learning curve, and personally, I'm not
all the way there yet. So, yes, I've had bleeders, I've goofed up the
insertion and had to throw away a brand-new set, I've had painful sites,
and allergic reactions to some of the adhesives to the point where I
thought I was going to claw the thing out with a bunch of skin -- one
such was on a field trip with 18 high-schoolers, and there was no place
I could do a change, and I just peeled MOST of the dressing off, and
literally HUNG in there till I got home!

At the moment, I just changed sites -- the last one was in 3 days, and
it has a little red lump, and is tender -- I dunno what to do about it,
except watch if it goes away or gets worse. 

This is just to prove there IS NO ideal diabetes treatment YET, but
still, I prefer the pump to multiple injections.

Tell Kevin he has our thoughts with him, and that he's really not alone
in this!

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