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Re: [IP] site changes

email @ redacted wrote:

> I need help. Can one of you experienced people come to my house and put in my
> sons TENDER please? We put one in last Thurs. that was great and lasted to
> tonight. So, we thought we had it all figured out and pumping is great!
> We put the Emla cream on (at his request he didnt want ice) and inserted it
> in painless. One hour later it hurt! We took it out and it bled big time

Unfortunately, when you deaden the pain when it's put in he won't feel it until
pain reliever stops working.

> . So,
> I went to insert a new on -on the other side and it went in too
> shallow...sheesh.....had to do it again.

Did you wait till after removing the introducer needle before deciding to redo
it? I've
hit sore spots a few times and always make sure it feels fairly reasonable, with
no more
than a slight pain (which will disappear in an hour or 2) before removing the
If I decide to remove the entire set, then it's still available to try again.

> He says it stings, but we have
> decided to wait a bit and see if it is pain from all the stuff going on or
> true site pain.

It ooften happens that minor pain at insertion dies down after a short time (as
so I'd say you are wise to wait to verify the situation. Try to get him thinking
something else in the meantime, if it's minor it'll stop bothering him, but ONLY
if he isn't
sitting there thinking about it full time.

> #1, I feel like a failure to him not getting it in right #2,
> I feel like crying putting it in wrong (the new changes he wanted without ice
> and too late for cream) and #3 I wonder if we are doing the right thing. WE
> have a ton of tubing and not many new site things!

Yes, learning can be tough early on. Just try not to beat yourself up too much
early learning exercises, it'll get normal fairly soon.

> I know there is a learning curve to this. I can handle the # juggling, but
> this breaks my heart. We tried a soft set lastweek, but didnt like the
> disconnect as much. Kevin kinda liked the soft serter though. He is sticking
> with the TENDERS for now.   Tell me there is a learning curve and you've all
> been thru this! Right???

Absolutely. ANY new thing has a learning curve, which sometimes gets to look
incredibly long and hard, especially with children.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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