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[IP] Jim (NIDDM 7 yrs, IDDM 5 yrs) Another type Weird

>(NIDDM 7 yrs, IDDM 5 yrs) Another type Weird
>Actually, this is an interesting question.
>If you were NIDDM, or Type 2, to start with, you would not become
>insulin-dependent, because the mechanism of Type 2 is different from
>that of Type 1. You would remain a Type 2, even if you use insulin. One
>term for that is insulin-requiring Type 2.


I've never been 100% sure and neither have my doctors exactly how long I've
had D. We tried all of the then available pills to some degree the worked,
but only for short durations. I had a bout with mono 5 years ago, and that's
when everything went on me.

>However, if you were ALWAYS Type 1, then you were initially misdiagnosed
>as Type 2 -- even if you didn't need insulin to start with, because in
>the very early stages of Type 1, you don't always need insulin,
>especially if you develop it as an adult.

I may have actually developed it about 5 years or so before I recognized the
symptoms. My nephrologist has said to me that I may have been diabetic as
much as 20 years already. I'm in the 3rd stages of kidney failure (rising

>I need to warn you that Type Weird is my own creation -- not a technical
>term at all, and if you go to a doc and tell him you're type weird,
>he'll think you're crazy!

Actually mine knows I'm crazy already. I only used "Type Weird" <VBG> to
describe my own condition as well. While I do require insulin, I am also
showing signs of insulin resistance.

>But I invented it because I'm a strange ducky who doesn't fit in the
>pigeonholes, and I really don't seem to fit in either category -- Type 1
>OR Type 2 -- all I know is that I do have diabetes, and that it's not
>going away, and I better face it!

Hope you don't mind me using that designation. When I first saw you describe
it, I said "damn, that's me all over". You know as much as Mud's would like
to fit us into neat little boxes, there are those of us who will always
think and live outside the box.

Just remember to keep all your ducks in a row



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