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[IP] New sport guard case.....

Hi everyone,

I went to a water park here in Orlando today, but I didn't have a sport
guard case.  So, being the fearless engineer I am (you should have seen me
on the 8 story drop waterslide, the Stuka), I designed and built my own!

What you need:
    1.    Sandwhich bags (not zip-lock, just the fold-over kind)
    2.    Natalie will love this when she gets her ducts in a row:  Duct
tape    $2.00/50'

I bagged the pump and pressed the air out, then put the tape at the opening.
To be sure, I double bagged it.  This way I could see the screen, bolus when
eating funnel cakes, hot dogs, and bratwurst while drinking Cran grape
beverage (59g cho!), beer, and soda!

My blood sugar never wen above 120!  Oh yeah, don't be afraid to go to first
aid and ask for some tape to re-tape yourself. My silhouette came partially
undone in the wave pool.  (Natalie, the pump floats in this configuration,
so you might want to change the picture), so I went there, and got fixed up.
Three hours later, on the Stuka (whoo hoo!), it came all the way out.  I
tested my sugar.  It was 60, so I disconnected, wen back for about an hour,
retested, 60, so I took a glucose tabe and went home to reattach.

When going on the "ohmigosh, I can't believe I'm going down this thing"
slides, stick the pump in your waist band.  Mine didn't want to stay in my
pocket, especially in the wave pool.

So, for $3.50, I get 50 sport guards!  (12" of duct tape per 2 bags).  Only
minor leaks.

Hope this helps,


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