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Re: [IP] Birds on the list -- including loons

At 02:51 PM 5/9/1999  Natalie A. Sera wrote:
 >Sam Skopp wrote:
 >> Second, if any of these penguins, ducks or other birds make a mess, you'll
 >> be required to do clean-up duty... otherwise, we'll have to ban your
 >> non-housebroken feathered friends from posting here. :-)
 >Have you EVER seen any duck poop around here!!!!  Come on, be fair!!!

I am very fair. If you ever did admin duty here you'd see that there are a 
lot of little "messes" behind the screens. We all learn to step lightly. :-)

 >I bet you haven't seen their portable swimming pond, either!!

No, but I think I must of stepped in it while walking in the dark passages 
behind the list. If I had seen it, I would have avoided it. <slosh>

 > > Third, any animal members must be either certified pumpers or in a
 >> program to get onto a pump. A veterinarian's certification and member
 >> sponsorship will be required.
 >Wassamatta, you don't believe your own eyes?????

Nope. Anyone can wear a pump... but can this duck bolus and set basals? Can 
it calculate carb intake? I suspect not! <vbg>

Duckless Sam

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