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Re: [IP] Nylon pants and alarms

Nancy wrote:

>Are the alarms from static electricity in nylon pants a particular Minimed
>thing?  Has anyone with D had the problem?  Jenna wore her nylon Adidas
>pants frequently during the winter, with the pump sloshing around in her
>pocket, and we never had any alarms.  But I don't know if I could blame some
>erratic blood sugars on the problem.

I wore my D on the outside of my nylon wind pants all winter with no
problem. I used a "Clip 'n Go" from Unique to hold my pump. I spent
hundreds of hours in a cold curling rink (very dry, cold air), back and
forth in my truck with cloth seats and in my house with shag carpet - all
things which traditionally produce *MAJOR* amounts of static electricity.
It's possible that the case helped protect the pump from static, but this
style case offers minimal protection / shielding from anything. It's
basically a hook to hang the pump on.

I think these problems are YMMV situations, rather than brand specific,
though it's probably wise to follow the advice of your pump vendor. As I
recall, MiniMed has some specific advice about protecting their pumps from
static electricity published on their web site.

Bob Burnett

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