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Re: [IP] I love my Mom

    Your mom sounds wonderful & I love her attitude....BUT, I think part of 
the differences in the late 90s from life in the 60s include the 
significantly higher percentages of working Moms AND the greater number of 
kids involved with sports ( as in "soccer moms"!!)...Those 2 socio-economic 
changes alone account for a lot of the additional constraints that having 
diabetes puts upon a family's limited time. When I was still teaching & 
Melissa was on MDI, we'd race to her softball games at 6:00. She'd inject on 
the way, try to gulp down her sandwich ( never finished) & then I'd spend the 
1/2 hour practice time running out to her on the field ( to her eternal 
embarrassment I assure you) to get her to eat the rest. NOT fun!!.......Were 
she doing that today, with a pump, we'd simply wait until afterwards, like 
all the toher kids did, to grab some pizza on the way home.....

Regards, Renee 
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