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[IP] Swimming with the pump

Why swim with the pump?  When you're a kid, you get the luxury of long, lazy
days at the beach or pool - and I don't trust that Jenna's mind will be on
going to hook up every hour or two to get her insulin.  For adults, this may
not be a problem.  Also, remember that there are some folks whose blood
sugar skyrockets from the excitement (adrenaline response) of exercise, only
to drop after exercise.  Jenna is one of those.  She actually boluses a
little extra insulin, plus eats a snack, before exercise, or her sugar jumps
into the 300's during exercise.  Then, after she finishes exercising, she
snacks and uses less insulin to cover.  So, without her pump while swimming,
her sugars would be very high.  Glad we have Disetronic - it just tucks into
a pocket in her swimsuit under her arm, and keeps her going all day.

Nancy Morgan, mom of 10 year old Jenna

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