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[IP] ordering from MiniMed...

O'kay, I'm mad!  I've read others post how upset they were with the
"slowness" in getting things delivered to them from MiniMed...at that
time I couldn't empathize.  NOW I can!  I was freaking out because my
batteries were beeping LOW, I can usually get another 7 days out of them
after the first alarm.  So, I quickly get on-line to order because I
realize I have no extras left...I order them 2 day delivery at an extra
charge.  IT'S BEEN 4 DAYS AND NO BATTERIES?!?!?!?  Why would I pay for 2
day delivery if it's gonna take a week anyway?!?  Anyone know I number I
can call to complain?!  I'm NOT happy!  Thanks for letting me gripe!
- -Tonya D.

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