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Re: [IP] Vibrating pump

There was a post here about a month ago concerning a vibrating pump.  A 
person in my pump group cannot hear his pump so we sent a petition to Alfred 
Mann, chairman of Minimed.  We requested a vibrating pump for Joe.  We had 
already heard that this idea was not economically feasible(the pump would 
have to be bigger).  We said such things as this "vibrating" pump will 
increase the high esteem that we already have for his company and how we 
appreciate his interest in advancing technology to help people with diabetes 
gain better control of their lives, etc, etc.  We also added that Joe would 
be willing to test a trial model for them.  I did get a reply from Alfred 
Mann.  This was in October, 1998.  He said that they were working on a new 
model pump that will have a vibrating alarm mode.  I haven't heard anything 
about this model since.  ellen  
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