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[IP] I love my Mom

Happy Mother's Day!  Because it is mother's day, I want to tell you this 
story about my mom.  First, I will tell you that I have had DM for 39 years, 
since age 9.  I have read many posts from parents of children with DM saying 
how their child having a pump has not only saved their child, but the entire 
family from the agonies of DM.  Well, this got me to thinking how my DM had 
affected my family (4 children and 2 parents).  I asked my mom the question: 
Did my diabetes make it difficult for the family as far as eating and 
scheduling and all the stuff that went along with DM in the 1960s?  Her reply 
was an emphatic "Of course not!"  She explained that the family made the 
adjustments that were necessary because that was important for my control and 
noone complained. She said the whole family adjusted very easily because they 
knew it was important.  
Moms-aren't they great?  They always seem to say the right thing.  I love my 
Mom.  ellen
P.S.  My 3 brothers still eat fairly healthy to this day.
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