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[IP] Getting the word out about the pump

Hi All!

I am a Medical Assisting student as well as a pump user.  I've had the MM 
507C for 10 weeks now and I LOVE it!  

I had an experience that I'm sure other's have also had when I went for my 
first Dr's appointment after getting my pump.  The Medical Assistant who came 
in to take vital signs, note the chart as to why I was there, had NO 
knowledge about the pump.  This is the same person who was going to be the 
one to call in my prescription for the pump supplies and insulin.  I was only 
their 3rd patient on the pump.

Next Wednesday, I have to give a presentation in one of my Clinical Assisting 
classes.  The subject I've chosen to present is....SURPRISE....Pumping!!  In 
talking with some of my classmates these last few weeks, I have discovered 
several things.

1)   Most never knew such a thing existed.
2) 	A couple have had patients' ask them quesions about the pump and 
since they 
      had no knowledge of it, they couldn't answer the patients questions.
3) 	Some had seen a pumper "playing with their beeper-like thing" and 
were curious 
      about how it worked.

My question is this....

What is the one thing (or more) that you want Medical Assistants to know 
about the pump?

Please E-mail me privately with your answers so that we don't over-load the 

Thank you,
Cindy Bayne
email @ redacted
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