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[IP] Pregnancy

Congratulations for all of you who had a HEALTHY baby !!!
I am very worried to have a healthy baby , I am now in my 6 month , what
kind of exames have you done other than HbA1c , like sonograms ,
amniocentesis , blood tests ...........?
You had a C-sect or it was a vaginal delivery ? Was it induced ?
Thanks for the help ,

With my first full term pregnancy I didn't know much and was in a teaching 
hospital.  Unfortunately a lot of unnecessary testing occurred.  I had 17 
ultrasounds.  6 biophysical profiles, 1 amnio, 6 non stress tests, 1 stress 
test and a pitocin induced labor that ended in a csection at 38 weeks.  Just 
because I was diabetic not because of any problems. 

The second full term pregnancy my husband and I decided to hire a midwife to 
help us with the medical decisions and to have a safe vaginal delivery.  My 
husband was in the military and both hospitals believed diabetics should have 
csections.  Whether there was true indication to or not.  My second delivery 
occurred vaginally at 37 weeks (brought on by natural methods).  I had 7 
ultrasounds, no amnio, 4 nonstress tests.

Hope this helps

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