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The different attitudes about EMLA are interesting and the only thing that
I can figure is that each person has their own level of pain tolerance. 
Lauren insists on EMLA for sils but puts sofsets in without any numbing. 
One 13 yo old boy almost quit the pump because his doc would not give EMLA
(said it was all in his head) and he said it really, really hurt to put in
the sil infusion.  He finally got some EMLA and he is now happy as a clam. 
He says EMLA makes a radical difference for him and is what kept him
pumping!.  He is thin...

My husband has put in a few sils, just to see if it really hurt (and
whether to cater to Lauren's claims)  He said half the time, it really hurt
him, bad!  And the other half of the time, it was fine.

EMLA is a terrible inconvenience for us, since we are night time infusion
changers, but we are resigned to use it until something better comes along.
 Lauren claims that ice does not work for her.

Diane Massey
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