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[IP] Re: Going Live


You have a great team.  Lucky you!!!  I had that when I lived in Connecticut also.  I trusted my 
doctor and CDE.  I could believe what they told me.  It's not the same here.  I don't know if 
the difference is that this area is so crowded that the doctors don't take the same quality time 
as they did there.  It takes forever to get an appointment with a doctor here (Bay Area, CA) 
versus Connecticut.  

I would normally be patient with all of this BUT under the circumstances, I am not.  My doctor 
lied to me twice and so did the CDE.  My CDE chose not to return my phone calls.  If they had 
been up front with me and said look we are having staffing problems, I would have gone along 
with them.  BUT they told me things were done when they weren't.  It comes down to integrity.  
They have lost credibility with me.  So, I will find another doctor.  

Beth, you asked, "how many patients does this Dr. have on pumps?  It sounds like they are
putting you off because they lack experience."   No, they do not lack experience.  I am going to 
Stanford - there are two doctors that put patients on pumps there.  Mine and another doctor.  
Stanford is currently going through some downsizing, etc.  

Bev W.

>Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 15:49:12 -0400
>From: Vicki McDonald <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Re:  Going Live
>Don't be so fast to put down a CDE who has to schedule a pump start-up
>in what seems like another lifetime.  When I started pumping (3/98), my
>pump partner and I had our CDE's undivided attention from 9:00 a.m. -
>5:00 p.m. for an entire week.  We didn't do the inpatient routine but
>went to the office everyday.  In that time, I changed my sets 5 times,
>experienced a couple of hypos, a no delivery alarm, even my batteries
>went dead!  I came out of that office at the end of the week, so
>confident that I could handle any pump situation, but always knowing I
>could call my CDE or endo at any times (They even hand out their home
>phone numbers!)
>So my CDE schedules one week to start up 2 new pump patients, and the
>next week she sees all of her regular patients.
>BTW, my endo has one of the best track records in the country for
>successful pumpers.  I attribute this to the intensive, extensive
>training provided/demanded of his office.  He also lobbied  the CT
>legislature without mercy until they passed a law mandating that
>insurance co. must pay for all supplies (without co-pay) to treat type 1
>diabetes (I'm not sure about type 2).
>Thanks, Dr. Ed!
>Vicki McDonald
>New Haven, CT

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