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Re: [IP] off-topic, unedited and html letters to insulin pumpers

At 08:48 AM 5/8/1999  CM Ullom wrote:
 >I understand that the for some of the members on these
 >pages have mail programs that can not handle html.
 >But there are alternatives, instead of trying to get
 >everyone to comply.  You can get a free email account
 >that  will allow you to see all the messages as they
 >were intended.

Yes, it would be nice if everyone could see all of the stylized text and 
there was adequate band-width to transport all this data. Unfortunately, 
that's not the case for many people. A lot of members get this list at work 
and have absolutely no choice as to their email program. (Not everyone has 
a computer at home). Some members also pay by the minute to download mail. 
HTML takes up considerably more space than plain text and takes a whole lot 
longer to download. Our digest users will still have a great deal of 
problems with the size of the lists. We need to consider their needs too.

Since the important content of this list is just text, there is no urgent 
need to use fancy graphics and fonts. Until everyone has the capability to 
view and download this type of mail, it would be polite to use plain text 
to insure that as many people as possible can read your posts.


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